The Gang Charity Project

Formed in 2011 by a group of friends in the travel, tourism and event industries and spearheaded by Events Travel Asia Group’s founding CEO, Max Jantasuwan, The Gang Charity Project creates awareness among Thai societies to relieve the conditions of disadvantageous communities through assistance, support and development initiatives.

The objective:

  • - Maximize funds received through donations to support socially disadvantageous people and/or organizations in need of assistance.
  • - Establish networks among people of different professions to develop initiatives that will benefit disadvantaged communities.

2012: The Gang Charity Project’s first event raised 50,000THB, which were donated to support the organization for the disabled and Baan Nonthaphumi, the house for underprivileged children.

2013: The Gang Charity Project raised 100,000THB and donated the funds to support education at Baan Dek Pa Foundation - "Children of the Forest".

2014: The Gang Charity Project raised 100,000THB, this time donating the funds to support education at Ban Khao Sarapee Border Patrol Police School.

2016: The Gang Charity Project’s fourth and biggest event to-date raised 346,560THB, which were used to donate 11,111 pairs of shoes to children across 11 schools all over Thailand. These shoes signify the committee’s desire to be part of their journey towards a better life.